Airspace Analysis Services

Does your site have FAA or FCC Airspace Regulatory Issues? Initiate an Airspace Analysis with Sitesafe. Sitesafe can perform a screening of all potential FAA/FCC related issues for a Search Area Ring or Specific Site location. We can also submit the required FAA Form 7460-1, as well as State required forms, to ensure your site is in compliance with FAA regulations. Sitesafe will provide you with accurate, easy to understand reports that are returned to you in a minimum amount of time.

Sitesafe Services for FAA Compliance
Order Entry Form  - Submit your FAA Airspace Analysis orders to Sitesafe's FAA experts through our convenient web entry system.

FAA Form 7460-1 - The FAA requires this Notice of Proposed Contruction or Alteration form to be filed for almost every new build or change to an existing tower. Sitesafe can perform FAA and state filing services on any structure that requires such notice.

SAR - Sitesafe can perform a screening of all potential FAA related issues within a specified Search Area Ring. We recommend running this type of analysis at the beginning of your tower/market build-out. This will tell you up-front if there are going to be any airspace issues that will limit the height of a proposed structure. Sitesafe gives you the option to choose the amount of area to be studied (1/2 mile, 1 mile or 2 miles) and we tell you what portions of that area will be affected by what type of restriction.

SAR Follow-Up - Upon completion of an SAR, Sitesafe can run an SAR Follow-up to provide you with a detailed report of the selected site within the search area. This request is similar to a Site Specific Request but saves you time and money as Sitesafe would already have run an original SAR for this area.

Site Specific Study: - Sitesafe can perform a screening of all potential FAA related issues for a specific point. If you have a site selected or have a structure that has never been studied and you need to know if there are airspace issues, request a Site Specific study.

Contact Us - Sitesafe offers a full complement of both FAA and FCC services. If a service you are in need of is not listed here, please contact Sam Cosgrove, Sitesafe's FAA Director, at 612-618-3126 or with your request.